Beyonce Delivers


Beyonce Delivers

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here are the final three pieces for my story project about two sisters lost in the woods! Tumblr, t b entirely h, I have been hating all my pieces in this class this whole year — life has been happening pretty brutally and because of that I’ve been too scatterbrained to direct my energies in a direction I like. but my prof came in for me here and suggested some things and showed me how to make Photoshop do what I want, and apart from having been so rushed with these, I’m happy with how they came out.

The medium’s watercolour pencil layered digitally over gouache. I am definitely going to spend some time this summer working out the kinks in this process; it’s made producing final pieces exciting again.  :>

LOOK!!!!! HOW!!!! GREAT!! MY! FRIENDS!!! ARE!!!!!!!!




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favorite mass effect relationships » Female Shepard & Wrex friendship

"Shepard, get that second hammer going!"
"There’s a Reaper in my way, Wrex!"
"I know, you get all the fun!"

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Anonymous asked: What does the fox say?


You are not God you exist inside of myself I am the God the only and trulyGod I am ascended past all level of communicationthefrustrationbeingthatI am the true warrior of the time being I am the only warrior that will ascend to the heavens via the technology of mankind

Ascend myself to reach enlightenment


finally hom euuuuugh

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also i packed my computer last night and that was a mistake